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Mpmania Mix 39

See what this guy was caught doing to a lady inside a pool (Photos)

It was a bright Friday evening at the Olumirin waterfall in Erin Ijesha community of Osun state where correspondents had arrived for a documentary of the much talked-about natural resort.

After climbing the first phase of the waterfall, our correspondents met a party going on and everybody was quite happy with the atmosphere and the fact that they did not have to rent a hall or a club to celebrate with their friend who was having his birthday.

We spoke with the celebrant, took some pictures as well as some videos of the party mood in the place at the time; it was obvious that they were all excited to be in such a natural environment.

However, on getting to the second phase of the waterfall, after a young guy and a lady had posed for photographs under the waterfall as our correspondents continued with the documentary of the unusual water source, they soon started smooching each other.

The young man was seen cuddling, pressing and snuggling into the lady in broad daylight and she seemed to be very comfortable with the acts.

At a stage during a video shoot at the scene, the guy was seriously kissing the lady and held her in several parts of her body which suggested that he was ready to do anything with her. In fact, they both threw caution to the wind and would have made love to each other inside the water had they not seen the camera and the microphone used for the recording.

It was not clear if they were actually lovers because at a stage during the photo session, two other guys joined the pair and they carried out the same acts with the Lady which made the matter even complicated.

While our correspondents were coming down from the rocky waterfall, the four of them were seen going further up the hill, butthe action or otherwise that took place there could not be ascertained as our crew remained at the base of the water.

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