Son of retired Chief SP arrested for Kidnapping

This son of a senior police officer decided to lead a criminal life. (New Telegraph)
This son of a senior police officer decided to lead a criminal life. (New Telegraph)

PULSE NG – The son of a retired Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), Nriezedi Afam, is now singing like a bird in police detention after he was arrested for master-minding the kidnap of two Managing Directors of fuel fillings stations in Lagos State.

The 41 years old Afam who was nabbed by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ikeja, according to the police, is an unrepentant criminal who has been arrested on several occasions for various crimes but always goes back to crime.

According to the police in a statement, the suspect was involved in the kidnap of two Directors of Dapsom Petroleum and Kings Petroleum, both located in Ejigbo, a suburb of Lagos.

“In their first operation, the gang succeeded in collecting a ransom of N4 million from Dapsom Petroleum.

In their second operation, the gang demanded for N20 million for the release of one Mr. Fashola who is the Director of Kings Petroleum.”

The suspect, now full of regrets and begging for another chance, said:

“Yes, my father would not be happy with me today if he was alive to see me in police custody. He was a good policeman.

He repeatedly warned me never to covet what doesn’t belong to me. I wished I had listened to him! Yes, I’ve been arrested twice and charged to court.

I’m like the information officer for our kidnap gang. I was the person who brought information about the kidnap of the Director of Dapsom Petroleum at Ejigbo, Lagos.

I took the gang in our operational Sienna car and pointed out both Directors of Dapsom Petroleum and Kings Petroleum.

The kidnapping of one of the Directors was my first time in kidnapping. The gang gave me only N7, 000 for the operation.

In the first successful operation, I drove the gang with my car, through Governor’s Road, Ikotun. It was there the gang members called the family of the victim for negotiation.

Police later arrested me at the Agric area of Ikorodu because I gave information to kidnappers.”

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