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“The Control of Ebola Epidemic will take 6 months” – Doctors Without Borders

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The International President of Doctors Without








Borders, Joanne Liu (pictured left), said today August 15th that it will take six months to bring the current Ebola epidemic sweeping through West Africa under control. She said this after a 10-day trip to some countries in West Africa where the outbreak has so far occurred. Liu, who met with Ebola patients & doctors, said the outbreak felt like ‘wartime’

“The main thing I come back to is that it is deteriorating faster, moving faster than we can respond to. To put it in context with my time with DWB, I really feel that it is like wartime, in terms of fear and nobody knowing what is going on. We need a response in terms of international organizations and states, and it needs to happen now if we want to contain this epidemic. Over the next six months we should get the upper hand on the epidemic, this is my gut feeling. We need people with a hands-on operational mindset to combat the outbreak.” she said

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