Top Nollywood actress blasts critics, find out why

Beautiful Nollywood actress and mother of two, has been basking in the success of her career ever since she relocated to Nigeria from the United States.


Adunni who has once voiced out her pain on domestic violence has come out again to clap back at everyone who derives great joy in criticizing baby mamas without knowing what such a person has gone through in a relationship with her baby daddy.

The stunning actress took to her Instagram handle to voice out her opinion and how she feels about baby mamas. She posted the picture of her rocking a blue ‘fish-tail’ dress with the caption:


“I take it personal when a person feels like they’ve got the right to speak on a person’s lifestyle, relationship status or what not. Just because some choose to be quiet about your dirty laundry does NOT give you the right to speak about another. Just like every other single mother or so called “Baby Mama”, it’s either a choice of being in a miserable relationship or getting out and keep pushing for their Child (Ren) P.S so you know, a lot of single parent (male or female) do a great job providing for themselves and children than you who sits in a miserable, horrible, heartbreaking relationship.

We are not to be defined by our relationship status! Your dedication, hardwork, persistence to your existence in this world should be your focus. Just because a lot of us don’t share our life story to the public does not mean we are not survivors.

Face your life! Face your work! Be a great example to others! Be remembered more for the good and not bad.”

See her post below:


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