Toronto Driver Sues Justin Bieber For Alleged 2013 Assault

Date 2015-03-29

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While Justin Bieber seems to have turned over a new leaf as of late, his previous antics are still catching up with him.

The Toronto SUV limousine driver that alleged Bieber, 21, punched him in the head repeatedly back in December 2013, is suing the Canadian pop star over the incident.

The driver, Abdul Mohar, is asking for $850,000 in damages, and seeking a court order preventing Bieber from coming within 100 meters of him, according to documents filed in Toronto on Friday.

Mohar, 34, said that after p!cking up a group of six men via transportation app Uber on Dec. 30, 2013 in Toronto, a man he later identified as Bieber punched him in the head because he refused to turn the limo’s music up louder.

In a statement to the Toronto Star, Mohar claims Bieber punched him “very hard” after climbing into the front seats and turning the stereo’s music to full volume.

Meanwhile,Bieber’s lawyer, Brian Greenspan, told the paper that the lawsuit is “totally without merit.”

Bieber turned himself into Toronto police in January 2014 after being charged with assault, but the charges were later withdrawn. The prosecutor was unable to establish the identity of the individual in question after reviewing the case, including a 911 call wherein Mohar told the operator the assailant was black.

The driver told the paper he was “really shocked” when speaking to the 911 operator, leading to the unclear description.

In his new claim, Mohar alleges that Bieber’s cohorts that evening didn’t cooperate with police in order to protect the “Baby” singer.

“We live in a civilized society where we respect each other,” Mohar, a father of two, said of the altercation. The incident has led the longtime service worker to visit the hospital twice due to “too much stress.”

Bieber, who recently allowed himself to be skewered by the likes of Kevin Hart and Martha Stewart on a Comedy Central roast, taped earlier in March and airing on Monday, has yet to file a statement of defense.


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