Twitter Reacts as Kanye West Teases ‘Yeezus 2’ Album

is nothing if not unpredictable, and his latest Instagram post has fans perplexed over its meaning. The rapper posted a photo of a CD case without artwork, much like his  , and the prevailing theory is that he’s teasing a sequel to the polarizing 2013 release.

The only discernible markings on the CD case is the number “80,” and the purple sticker that’s on the right-hand side of the case is in contrast to the red sticker that was on Yeezus. Check out the Instagram post below.

Rumors of a ‘Yeezus 2’ Album Date Back to 2015

This isn’t the first time that rumors of a Yeezus 2 have popped up online. Last year, West collaborator CyHi The Prynce posted a screenshot of his Spotify profile with a playlist titled “ypm,” and songs filed under the folder “Yeezus 2.”

Needless to say, Twitter and Instagram have gone wild over the teased image, with many hoping that Yeezus 2 is coming sooner than later. Check out some of the best reactions and memes below.

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This supports the original claims made by West, who said that there were originally sixteen tracks on Yeezus, and that he and producer Rick Rubin decided to cut it down to a concise ten. “Initially, he thought there were going to be 16 songs on the album,” Rubin told Complex. “But that first day, before he even asked me to work on it, I said, ‘Maybe you should make it more concise.

“Maybe this is two albums. Maybe this is just the first half,” he added. “That was one of the first breakthroughs. Kanye was like, “That’s what I came here today to hear! It could be 10 songs!” When Complex asked Rubin about the existence of a sequel, the legendary producer played coy. “[There] might be,” he said.

Fans Believe That West Will Debut New Music on ‘SNL’ on the 29th

West himself addressed the Yeezus 2 rumors when he appeared on an episode of Ellen. When asked whether a proper sequel would ever come to fruition, the rapper said: “We’re still trying to find it, trying to find the vibe. You know, this transition from what I felt when I did [the first] Yeezus , to what I feel now. We’re just creating, so we haven’t found it yet.”

Some were quick to draw parallels between West debuting the Yeezus single “Black Skinhead” on a 2013 episode of Saturday Night Live, and the fact that he’s slated to appear on SNL on the 29th alongside host Adam Driver.

Others were quick to point out that the CD case that West posted bears a striking resemblance to a mini disc, and that it is not an album at all. “To everyone saying it’s yeezus 2,” wrote one user, “just know … it’s not.”

Another wrote: “I don’t think Kanye plans on bringing back mini discs fam.” Check out some of the more skeptical reactions below.

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