Usain Bolt to Rihanna: “I’m In Love With You!” [TWEET]


The fastest man in the world is head over heels for fellow Caribbean superstar Rihanna, and he doesn’t care who knows it. A few days ago, the Olympic gold medalist took to Twitter to reveal that he was in love with Rihanna after watching her twerk it out in a video she shared on Instagram.

“@rihanna I clearly am in love frm this dancing if ur not Caribbean u may not understand. #se.xy,” the tweet read.

TMZ ran into the Jamaican sprinter on Tuesday, and when asked by the cameraman if he had anything to say to Rih Rih, Usain turned, stared directly into the camera, and stated, “I’m in love with you. Hit me up, Rihanna.”

It’ll be interesting to see if and how Rihanna responds to Bolt’s advances.


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