‘Walking Dead’ actor, Dango Nguyen is dead


Dango Nguyen, an actor who shot into fame, starring in the hit zombie TV-series, ‘The Walking Dead,’ has died. He was aged 48.


His death was announced through the Facebook account of his pre-acting workplace, the Athens-Clarke Fire and Emergency Services in Georgia. He served for 20 years.

Nguyen reportedly succumbed to cancer. He is survived by family, friends, and his wife Michelle. The wife said he underwent immuno-therapy which had adverse effect on him.

He appeared in a number of episodes of the post-apocalyptic Atlanta based zombie series, playing a guard for the town of Woodbury who protected arch-villain The Governor.


Dango Nguyen as fire fighter


‘Dango was a sergeant with our department when he left to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and other interests,’ the post said.

‘Once you’re a firefighter, you’re always part of our family. And Dango was a very well known member of our family,’ it said.

The fire department said it would remember him for his ‘physical and mental strength’ and for being ‘an aggressive and tenacious firefighter and first responder.’

The Athens-Clarke fire department wrote of his ‘quick wit, high energy, and unwavering determination’

Nguyen first trained as a wrestler alongside WWE legend Rob Van Dam, before leaving to raise a family, according to his IMDB page.


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