We played you all, I have never been kissed by Flavour – Chidinma

happens to go live on CityFm 105. 1 tonight as she was able to make some revelations about her career and her stand in the entertainment industry at the moment.


She makes it clear that she is not signed to any label at the moment not even under as rumour has speculated before. Chidinma who released a new single “Fallen In Love” few days ago after a longtime break in the music scene also revealed more about her private life outside music which she tagged to be boring naturally due to the fact that she doesn’t keep friends.

Though we never expected her to mention this but all the same she talked about it, and it’s nothing but about her relationship status. The beautiful lady mentioned that she’s single and not ready for marriage at the moment.

When asked if she has anything in common with Flavour, Chidinma made it clear that she has never been kissed by Flavour. In case you have a doubting mind, Miss Kedike is not in love with Flavour, they are like a brother and sister to each other.

Chidinma was on city fm with WEDE, a fresh and talented act who released his new single titled “I can’t shout” officially on the radio tonight. Chidinma expresses her joy towards the new tune by this new act. Chidinma has planned to return fully and she’s not relenting anytime soon. She has promised to release an album sometime next year. Wait on it.

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