What Do I Care When I’m Dead? – Femi Kuti

That Nigerian music star, Femi Kuti is a legend cannot be contested. Most legends are remembered in different forms and ways when they finally bow out of this world to join their ancestors.

For Femi Kuti, how he will be remembered when he’s dead should not really be an issue. After all, what do a dead man care what the living say or think about him? According to him, it’s of no importance for what or how a dead man is remembered.

“I will be dead. If you like forget me, I will be dead,” he said; continuing that, “What do I care when I’m dead? Asked Femi when the question was posed to him concerning how or what he wants to be remembered with when he leaves the world.

“I probably would be in Jupiter, Mars in a Jacuzzi. I would have completely forgotten anything like electricity … no electricity … no electrical problem in Nigeria. I will forget all the problems of this life, I hope I will go to a very nice planet where its peaceful, (there is) love, lots of music, good interaction, no war. You probably would have no electricity (referring to my Nigerian colleague) by the time I’m gone in Nigeria.”

“Definitely, corruption (in Nigeria) would be a big deal and I don’t know if the global credit crunch would have stopped. Why would I care what you will be thinking about me? I will be dead, don’t you understand … I will be dead.” Femi said jokingly, but with a serious face.

The “Bang Bang Bang” singer said he doesn’t care how he is remembered, however, reiterates the fact that it does not mean he didn’t want to be remembered for his exploits on this Earth.

“I didn’t say I don’t want to be remembered. If I’m dead, the only reason, if I’m alive somewhere else, that I really want to know about this planet is to make sure my children are well. So if the God or the Creator give me permission to just come back to Earth, do you think I will check (Olushegu) Obasanjo?” He said with laughter.

“So I will come back and check, are my kids okay? I hope they are doing well, do a few prayers with them and I will pray for Nigeria that God give this people electricity now, give them a good government for once. I might do one or two things like that. But why would … I’m not somebody that cares …”

Femi Anikulapo Kuti is in Ghana to perform alongside Amakye Dede, George Darko and Ofie Kodjoe at this year’s edition of the Kasapreko Africa Legends Night which is slated for Saturday September 28 at the Banquent Hall of the State House in Accra.

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