What happened when 3 women foundout they were dating the same man


A spurned woman plastered her cheating ex-boyfriend’s car with graffiti after discovering he had two other lovers, it has been claimed. 

His blue Volkswagen Passat Estate was branded with the words “CHEATER”, “LIAR” and “LOL” in bright yellow paint, Daily Mirror reports.

He had grand plans to take each of his lovers on holiday to the same place on consecutive weeks.

His triple life even saw him spend Valentine’s Day with all three of his lovers.

But his lies finally unraveled after one of his girlfriends posted a picture of the two of them on Facebook – where it was seen by one of his other partners.


One of the women, who has asked to remain anonymous, has revealed how she and two others had discovered the betrayal on Monday – leaving one to take revenge.

“I didn’t write the graffiti. It must have been one of the other girls, but we all only found out on Monday that he had been seeing us all at the same time.

“I have been with him since December,” she said. “And he had been with the other women for more than a year.

“None of us had a clue that this was going on. I was due to be going on holiday with him in four days, and I have found out that he was planning on taking us all to the same location on consecutive weeks.

“He also surprised me with a last-minute weekend to Leeds a few months ago, but I have also discovered that he had planned the trip with one of the other women, but they had been called into work so couldn’t go.”

“He kept us all so well hidden,” she said. “He’s older than me, which I think prevented me from finding out because I didn’t hang out with his friends, but his family knew.

“We would go around to his house on different nights and his mum would go along with it.

“We were all even invited to his brother’s wedding! I don’t know how that one was going to work/”But he had spoken to all of us about wanting to have babies and moving out of his parents’ house.

“He even managed to spend Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day with all three of us.

After discussing his infidelity on Facebook, the three women decided solidarity was the best policy, and have not blamed each other.

The woman said: 

“We can’t blame each other or be mad with one another.

“I haven’t spoken to him, only a text telling him what I think of him, but he hasn’t even apologised. He just told us that he was surprised we didn’t find out sooner. Obviously, the other girls have gone further with their reactions.”

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