Which Beef Again?? Jay Z and Kim West Ignore One-Another at Restaurant


“Although Beyonce and Z are yet to publicly address their reasons for skipping the KimYe wedding – it remains glaring that there is still no love lost between the Knowles-Carter’s and Kardashian- clan.

According to The Sun,Jay Z was reportedly out with friends having a quiet dinner at a popular Malibu and didn’t bother uttering a word when the Kardashian entourage rolled in. A nearby fan who was also dining at the restaurant had this to say about the shady encounter:

“It was really awkward. Jay Z had been quite low-key having a meal with pals. But then everybody noticed the entire Kardashian family when they came in.

“Jay Z was heading to leave and was right in front of him. They just completely blanked one another.”

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