Woman who had S3x with rapper Nas reveals nasty details about him

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A woman who had S3x with rapper Nas, describes, in graphic detail, her relationship with him.


“He’s a heavy WEED smoker. I think he’s a low key alcoholic but he claims he isn’t. (He literally drinks [a lot of] Hennessy every single day, just for the Fvck of it!)
He’s shy and for him to be famous and rich, he’s very down to earth and cool, he doesn’t act like hollywood famous at all.
He’ll Fvck with anyone from your regular 9-5 women to your famous women in the industry – Long as you’re pretty with some type of sense. (I’m a regular with a career). He’s also fond of black women. Absolutely loves them, especially the brown and chocolate ones. SKINNY or THICK, whatever!
He also has a weird foot fetish. LOVES pretty FEET.
We’ve only Fvcked two times on ONE OCCASION. He’s always trying to fly me out to wherever he’s at but with my work schedule and being a full time temporary guardian to my nephew while his mother is deployed, I don’t have the time. So he’ll have to always come to me when he’s in my city for business or when he has some free time.
He likes to eat. ALOT. I told him once while we were facetiming he had his shirt off in bed at a room that his tummy was looking kind of FAT! Lay off the carbs! He told me he’s not worried about it he’s not a S3x symbol, he can still see his D!ck when he look down and the hunnys aren’t complaining.
He barely smiles unless he’s laughing or you make him smile. He stays with a resting look. For him to be 43, he doesn’t act like it. He reminds me of a young man. He loves any and everything old school. He plays video games and watches old school cartoons he grew up on in the mornings while he eats breakfast. He’s very sweet. Jealous type and also has a Fvck it, it is what it is type of attitude. He hates when you don’t answer his calls or facetimes. When I miss his calls he’ll usually text my phone right after that says either “REALLY” or “NO ANSWER” –
We barely txt unless he’s texting me “good morning melanin,” he usually prefers seeing your face or actual calls.
He told told me he’s been with various women from chicks in their early 20s on up to their mid-40s. He hasn’t been in a relationship since Kelis. He’s just been dating around. We never talk about his personal life. I never bring up his kids or his past with Carmen and Kelis. He did tell me once that both of his baby mamas are “crazy B!tches,” not sure if they get along or not.
I remember the night we stayed together, his phone started ringing and the name was stored under “THE B!tch” which I thought was hilarious. Not sure who that was.
He’s very S3xual. Kinky much. He’s the third guy I’ve ever had S3x with and he had me doing things I’ve never done before. I’m young so he had fun turning me out. I don’t think Mr. JONES is the relationship type YET. He loves the company of women much and often falls into temptation. He enjoys the single life. He loves giving and recieving head. He ate my Pvssy from the front and back for like 30 minutes. I rode his face as well. He told me he usually don’t put the tongue down on the first night because it’s brutal and causes strong feelings. HIS MOUTH IS DEFINTELY BRUTAL. Had my legs shaking and I’ve never had anyone make me Cvm as hard as him. He was the first guy to have ever made me squirt. He’s also a great kisser. Love to tongue kiss. Smells very good as well. He doesn’t have a lot of hair on his legs. I asked him did he shave and he told me no, his legs just never been hairy.
His D!ck is a nice decent size. He ain’t got the biggest D!ck, nor is it small. All I gotta say is he had me running and moaning. The last guy I slept with had the biggest thickest D!ck EVER and I swear Nas D!ck was way better and his D!ck was half as big as my ex!
I hated having S3x with my ex! It’s like the S3x was never good because he couldn’t Fvck! It was always painful. Nas D!ck had me cumming out of control. It was pleasure and pain.
Nas likes for you to be in control. He likes being rode. He’s not too dominant. One thing tho! When we were kissing on each other, getting ready to Fvck I HONESTLY do believe if I didn’t reach and grab my own Cond0ms he would’ve Fvcked me raw. Idk if it’s because he was already intoxicated and so H0rny that he was on some Fvck it Sh!t or was he on some we’ve been talking for four months. She’s pretty, nice house, great career, her mind is right we have tons of things in common so she’s good enough to raw dog Sh!t. I’ll have to ask him the next time we encounter lol. I would hope he doesn’t go around sleeping raw because of how pretty and good a chick is doing.”

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