How Teyana Taylor keeps her summer body without eating vegetables

With a ripped six-pack and chiselled legs and arms,  is one of the fittest celebrities we can imagine. Which makes her diet even more surprising!


As the “Gonna Love Me” singer admitted exclusively to Us Weekly on Saturday, June 22, her eating habits aren’t exactly the healthiest in Hollywood. Not only is the 28-year-old star not interested in following a general diet or wellness trends like celery juice, but she’s also not interested in greens, she told Us at the Hollywood Unlocked social impact brunch in L.A. “I don’t even eat !” she exclaimed.

But the BET Awards nominee did make it clear that she stays healthy and bloat-free in other ways — specifically, with intense dance cardio-based workouts. “On my own, I have a dance fitness program called, so that’s the only workout I do,” she says of the online video workouts. “You can watch it and take it home, it’s all good.”

Teyana Taylor Admits She Doesn’t Have the Healthiest Diet

Still, the Teyana & Iman star — who is signed to Kanye West’s GOOD music record label and friends with the Kardashian-West family — mostly credits genetics for her seriously in-shape . “People used to call me a ninja turtle because even when I was six-years-old, I had a little Buddha belly but there was still a six-pack on top of it,” she told Us in 2018.

Taylor welcomed her daughter, Iman Jr. (with NBA star Iman Shumpert), in December 2015. But she didn’t take much time off from her fitness regimen before or after birth. “The only real workout I do is dancing and performing,” she added to Us. “I was touring right up until after I was six months pregnant and I was in really good shape, so after she came I just went right back down, almost immediately. That’s the way I do it — I love to dance.”

Teyana Taylor Admits She Doesn’t Have the Healthiest Diet

The star of West’s sultry “Fade” video made clear at the Hollywood Unlocked event that she’s specific about many things in her life. Despite her toned physique, she feels most empowered when she’s wearing more unisex styles. “Honestly,” she told Us, “I feel sexiest when I’m in tomboy mode, my baggy clothes.”

With reporting by Sanaz Sarshad

Source: US Magazine

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