Instagram couple replies backlash over their ‘dangerous train kiss photo’

A husband and wife who love to travel were the topics of much controversy at the beginning of May.


Jean and Camille from Brussels, who post on Instagram under the name @Backpackdiariez, came under fire for sharing one of their recent photos from a holiday in Sri Lanka.

The breathtaking image showed the pair sharing a smooch while leaning out of a moving train – in it, she is holding the handrails, with one leg wrapped around her partner, while worryingly he holds on with only one hand.

They described the image as one of their “wildest kisses” in the caption and said they felt it was the best photo to reflect what they are really like as a couple, as they have “blind trust in each other”.

And while some thought the snap was “romantic” and “amazing”, there were those who thought it was “stupid”.

One person commented: “This is how people die. Wouldn’t call this adventure, but stupid. Risking life for likes on Instagram .”


Another said: “So dangerous”.

After seeing all the negativity around the photo, Camille opened up about what really happened when they took it – and claims they weren’t actually in any danger.

In an interview with The Cut, she explained: “When we took the picture, the train was moving at a walking speed and the edge was not deep at all.

“We would never risk our lives or our health to get a good picture. We care too much for each other for that.”

She went on to reveal that a third person had helped make the photo happen – Jean’s brother.

“This train ride is very famous in Sri Lanka and we had seen many pictures on social media of people hanging out of the doors, so we knew we wanted to try this and prepared for it in advance.

We did some research to find out what the best time of the day would be to take it, what side of the train has better views, what colour the train would be, etc.”

In the end, she says it took an hour and around 500 photos to get the shot that thousands have liked – now, that’s dedication!

(Ladun Liadi)


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