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Kevin Eze: The Prominent Brand Strategist And All-round Digital Marketer

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Kevin Eze, who hails from Nigeria and was born in 1994, is an eccentric Nigerian entrepreneur, computer enthusiast, and veteran celebrity blogger who has always been a passionate fan of technology from a very young age. His success began with the popular Nigerian entertainment website “NaijaXclusive”.

Throughout his career, he’s worked with startups in the culinary, entertainment, and tech industries as a qualified digital marketer, web/app developer, and brand strategist. Presently, he works in partnership with clients in over 12 countries that admire and patronize his art, which he pushes under his digital marketing agency, “Beta Digitals” leading him to make positive contributions to the success of many brands across the world. As a man true to his friendships, he has made significant contributions to his friends’ businesses, thereby creating a powerhouse of successful entrepreneurs in various fields.

Kevin had his secondary education at Nigerian Navy School located in Ojo. He then proceeded to have his university education at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri where he bagged a Bachelor of Technology ( in project management. He proceeded to further his education in IBMI, Berlin where he got a Diploma in Strategic Management.

He has always been passionate about technology as a child as he was always fascinated by computers and the growth of the internet which led him to learn to code at the age of 12 even though he was limited to internet access and access to mobile phones and gadgets.

His journey has been filled with highs and lows which made him keen on succeeding as an entrepreneur. Kevin began building websites and web apps at the age of 14 with zero access to any formal computer training as he only relied on information he got from the internet. In 2010, his very first website failed due to the activities and traffic on it.

This led to him going back to the drawing board to create a better plan and start afresh as his website’s relevance and recognition were fading. He rebuilt the website from the ground up, distraught by the amount of time and resources he had invested in it and the loss of relevance and web traffic he had gained.

He went on to co-own “NaijaXclusive” – A leading Nigerian entertainment website that is now defunct – with a longtime buddy, with a stronger vision for success shaped by lessons learned from his initial disaster. Within 3 years of full-time operation, the website gained a reputation for making news go viral, with millions of people visiting the website and increased web traffic which led to driving Kevin to the spotlight in the entertainment world. At the age of 16, Kevin had already gathered a lot of accolades, including the “Gurus-lodge young Java genius of the year (2010)”.

In 2013, he was named one of the top three Igbo male bloggers in Nigeria which led to his nomination for the under-30s achievements award.

Managing the Website and its employees was overwhelming and time-consuming which was beginning to affect his studies so they reluctantly and regretfully had to shut down the website in 2015.

With his background in tech and digital marketing, he spotted a gold mine in digital advertising as most individuals, including businesses, find it difficult to promote their brands online. This strengthened him as a freelance tech entrepreneur. While working as a freelancer and web designer, he began coaching and assisting brands in their digital growth. Because his skills were distinctive, he began working in-house with a few labels, top Afrobeat singers, and entertainment industry creatives.

He currently spearheads a series of other online startups such as Beta Socials (a digital marketing agency), Xclusive Weddings (wedding mag), Myafrowaka (travel app), Cal corporation (India based music PR agency), and partners with offices in Lagos, Abuja, Accra, New Delhi and in the UK.

As a social media guru with a huge interest in automation, Kevin has been associated with growing and managing over 200 pages of top brands and celebrities worldwide. He has a diverse portfolio, having worked with some of Africa’s top music acts because of his extensive experience as an entertainment blogger and music critic. He also works as a music consultant with record labels and music artists.

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