Las Vegas: Lady Gaga and fan recover stylishly after falling off stage

Date 2019-10-19

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Lady Gaga and a fan tumbled off stage together during her Enigma show in Las Vegas on Thursday, October 17.

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As shown in a Twitter video, the 33-year-old invited the fan onto MGM’s Park Theater stage and embraced him with a hug. She then wrapped her legs around the fan, and as he lifted her, he took a wrong step and sent them both hurtling toward the ground.

Why did the spotlight follow them?! 💀😭@ladygaga, next time don’t do that at the edge of the stage… 😭😭😭

I hope you both are really OK!

— BE KIND – ENIGMA | Lady Gaga News 🐙 (@GagaNews1986) October 18, 2019

Gaga rebounded from the mishap with style, though. “Everything’s OK,” she told the crowd as they recovered. “The only thing that’s not OK is we need some stairs to the damn stage so I can get back up.”

She also expressed concern for the fan. “You alright?” she asked him before inviting him back on stage. “Come on. Everything’s fine. It’s not your fault. Let’s go.”

The “Shallow” singer then invited the man to join her on the piano bench. “Can you promise me something? Can you just forgive yourself right now for that happening?” she asked him. “It takes two to tango.”

“I think that’s amazing!” she added. “Eleven years and we f—king love each other so much that we fell off the damn stage … You know what we did? We fell into each other’s arms, Jack. We’re like Rose and Jack from Titanic.”

Another Twitter video showed her reassuring the fan. “If anybody on the internet is mean to you tomorrow about this, then I’m going to be very upset with each and every one of them,” she told him. “It’s complicated being up here, but thank you for coming up on your own free will.”

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The nine-time Grammy winner detailed her “post-show routine” on Instagram later that night. “Ice bath for 5-10 min, hot bath for 20, then compression suit packed with ice packs for 20,” she wrote, captioning images of each step in the process.

Gaga is no stranger to onstage mishaps. In 2013, she injured her hip during her Born This Way Ball Tour and had to undergo surgery. And this May, she nearly fell off an Enigma stage decoration, but two of her backup dancers caught her before she hit the stage.

Thursday’s show marked the start of the third leg of Gaga’s Enigma residency, and she has dates scheduled until May 2020.

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