Bubble Soccers And Inflatable Airtracks

Bubble Soccer otherwise known as Bubble ball is a large plastic orb which is used in the Bubble soccer game. The bubble soccer game is a hilarious game to play and watch, and is somehow similar to the common soccer game, but in its case, players are encased in a huge inflated bubble ball while they run around trying to hit the ball into the opposing team’s net. The match is played by two teams not exceeding five players each, and not less than 3 players.

The bubble ball is also similar to a Zorb, but it only covers the players’ upper body and the head, unlike the Zorb which covers the whole body. The players have their hands fixed inside the ball hence they only maintain balance with their two legs, thus making them vulnerable to falling as they bump into each other during the course of playing. The fun of this game however doesn’t lie in the number of goals scored or conceded, but in the bumping of players into each other and the falling. The only approved, advisable and safe surfaces for playing the bubble soccer on are: grassy surfaces, Sand floor, hardwood floor or artificial turfs. The bubble balls should NEVER be played on concrete surfaces as concrete floors might end up popping and tearing up the balls.

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The Inflatable AirTracks are also used for gymnastic purposes. It is used for tumbling as it gives protection and also gives lift to the gymnasts. The use of these Airtracks for sporting activities reduces, and may totally eliminate the chances of getting injured or hurt during landing or falling cases.
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Inflatable AirTrack

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