Comedy Clip: #BadLuck Directed By Samson Oklobia [@oklobiax]

Date 2014-03-19

Category JOKES

Comedy Clip: #BadLuck Directed By Samson Oklobia [@oklobiax]

Badluck is a comedy clip off the Samson Oklobia Directed short film project titled Random.

Random is a short film project, which is a compilation of several short films, ranging from two minutes to six minutes tops. It is an experimental project exploring an alternative content distribution outlet for short filmmakers, targeting the young at heart within and outside this region.

The stories told in Random, individually aims at addressing social ills among youths and at the same time entertain. The first installment of Random short film project is Bad Luck, a hilarious comedy of two bankers on a launch break. It was shot in Makurdi, Benue

About the director: Samson Oklobia is a communications graduate from a prestigious Nigerian university, a cinematographer, non-linear editor and ultimately, a filmmaker. Random is his first personal film project but has worked on the set of many contemporary films. Enjoy this HILARIOUS skit. $_o [DOWNLOAD]

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