Funny!!! Read The Beatitudes (Mathew 5 :1-14) in Pidgin Language

Funny!!! Read The Beatitudes (Mathew 5 1-14) in Pidgin Language

This is really funny right here, couple of days ago i brought you Psalm 23 in Pidgin, right now is The Beatitudes (Mathew 5 :1-14) in Pidgin Language.. Enjoy

1. When bros J see as people yakpa, e climb mountain top come sit down, him boys for da ministry come kack with am.

2. Na so bros J come begin yarn.

3. Blessins for people wey dem spirit man nor get liver, dem go go heaven.

4. Blessins for people wey follow do eyaa, persin go everly tanda gidigba for dem side.

5. Blessins for people wey nor dey run mouth like meek mill, dem go be omonile for we earth.

6. Blessins for people wey belle dey tear sake of say dem wan do good, dem go get am nyafu nyafu.

7. Blessins for those wey sabi pity people, persin go pity dem sef do dem well.

8. Blessins for people wey dem inner mind nor black like charcoal, dem go see baba God.

9. Blessins for people wey like to settle gbege, dem go hail dem as God pikin.

10. Blessins for people wey dem do bad tins for sake of say dem follow baba God way, dem sef go be omonile for heaven.

11. Blessins for you wen people shun you, do you bad tins, come dey yarn akpata wey you nor even do.

12. Make you dey jolly because plenty awoof dey wait you for heaven, becos na so dem take do baba God messengers wey dey da game before you enter.

13. na you be salt for this world, but if salt nor come sweet again how we go do am? na to throway am make dem match am remain.

14. Na you be torch lite for dis world. You tada for mountain top omo you nor go fit hide.

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Date 2016-04-27

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