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For The Ladies!!! How to Get Those Killer Curves (Hour Glass Figure)

How-to-Get-Those-Killer-Curves-Hour-Glass-Figure For The Ladies!!! How to Get Those Killer Curves (Hour Glass Figure)"Getting an hourglass figure means you will need to reduce total body fat and improve muscle tone in the thighs, hips, back, and abdominal muscles. While you can’t get bigger brea5ts or hips from exercise and diet, you can add some shapeliness to your figure. Adding a few fashion tricks to your routine can also help give you the illusion of curves."

Just follow the steps below…

1 • Consider reducing your daily calorie intake

2 • Eat for your increased exercise while still cutting calories

3 • Increase the fiber in your diet

4 • Increase the amount of water you drink

5 • Drink less alcohol

6 • Prepare your body for muscle building and fat loss

7 • Increase your cardio workouts

8 • Do interval training

9 • Try muscle confusion

10• Tone the curves around your hips, thighs, waist and Brea5ts by strength training.

11 • Wear horizontal Str!pes.

12 • Avoid wearing all black.

13 • Cinch the waist.

14 • Wear clothes with volume.

15 • Try wide leg or skinny jeans


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