G Herbo – Fire In The Booth Freestyle (Lyrics, Video)

G Herbo - Fire In The Booth Freestyle (ft. Charlie Sloth) (prod. Charlie Sloth)

G Herbo unveils the first part for the “Fire In The Booth Freestyle” with and produced by Charlie Sloth. Read the lyrics and watch the video for the freestyle.

G Herbo Fire In The Booth
G Herbo Fire In The Booth/

For anyone who has doubted G Herbo’s pen, he’s proven over the past two years that he’s a titan among the new generation. The release of PTSD and 25 shifted any negative discourse surrounding his name, and each time he steps to the mic, he doesn’t hold back. Such is the case with his latest appearance on Charlie Sloth’s “Fire In the Booth” series where he reminded fans, “I been rappin’ for a decade, and I’m still runnin’.”

The rapper’s nearly five-minute freestyle serves as part one where Herbo tackles soulful production where he boasts his accomplishments throughout his career, and the aspirations for more. His slick wordplay and punchlines kick through his passionate delivery as he reflects on his rising status, as well as the jealousy and paranoia that comes with it.

The latest freestyle from Herb comes just days after he took to the ‘Gram where he declared himself to be among the top-tier of MCs in the current era of rap. “I might be 1 of the best rappers alive,” he stated. Some may have disagreed with the take but his recent “Fire In The Booth” freestyle evidently doubles down on his claim.


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Uh, lil’ nigga
Big nigga
Lil’ nigga, I’m a big nigga, look

Lil’ nigga, big heart, with a bigger gun
Used to live that savage life, I had a real run
Lost a lot along the way, but it was still fun
Every day we on the hunt I’m tryna kill somethin’
Real hustlers watchin’ me probably steal somethin’
Lost Rock and brought a Glock ’cause I couldn’t feel nothin’
Need to stay from off this block, I got a deal comin’
Me and Dake was beefin’, call him and he still comin’
I been rappin’ for a decade and I’m still runnin’
Can exaggerate my change, this a real hundred
Put that pistol to his brain, cock it back and bang
Don’t get made to an example, actin’ like I’m lame
I don’t chase fame, I just play the back lane
Used to love me but they hate it when that sack came
I’m in Cali tryna eat, just call it Pacman
Touch a hundred then I’m right back in the rap game
Put the city on my back, I got back pain
Spent a million on my drip, that’s a tax game
Spent a million on my whips, million on my bitch
Security, I told ’em “Chill, I’m chillin’ with my stick”
I whip out broad day and that’s off the rim
I pull up long-range, I thought I was Rim
Ninety K, bought a supercar, got a chip
That’s so cheap, I bulletproofed that bitch so I could slip
No scope some hundred K’s and they got a slip

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