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GIST: Terry G Denies Hit & Run Story [...]

The reported hit and run story involving the 'Akpako Master, Gabriel Amanyi otherwise known as Terry G,In an official statement released by Terry G through his management team, mr Alex ozone made available to www.mpmania.com yesterday, Terry G didn't deny the fact that he was at the club on the said day, He said mobbed by his fans while approaching his car.

GIST: Terry G Denies Hit & Run Story [...]

According to Him, he went out to have fun with his friends at a club in ikeja .when it was time for him to leave he was escorted by 2 bouncers of d club to his car, "yes some guys try 2 mop me while I was leaving which is normal, I got into my car peacefully and drove out after couple of shots with my fans"
"I never received any call from the police inviting me for a hit and run case and i have no reason to run being Godly or notorious, I am a known face so what sense does it make hitting someone and running? I might act crazy but not heartless, only for me to read this stories in blogs. I have been in the country facing my job...!! freedom of information is not freedom of misinformation..I did not hit anyone and I am not and was not wanted by nigeria police.."

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