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Begging? Cossy Orjiakor drops Account Info on Instagram for People to Send Her Money

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Nollywood actress Cossy Orjiakor has proven that it is not only fans who know how to engage in online begging. The busty actress just shared a post on Instagram in which she included her bank account number.

According to her, she has been getting numerous men begging to be her baby daddy, hence the reason why she put her account number up for them to send money because being a baby daddy isn’t all about sex.

Cossy Orjiakor turns online beggar

Cossy Orjiakor wrote: “My Dm is littered with application for the post of baby daddy. Well being a baby daddy is not just about fking. It must come with shopping. So to filter men from boys. Send designers shopping money to my account in bio…. Uba Savings 20********”.

Cossy Orjiakor turns online beggar


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