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"'If Fela was Alive, He'd Be Nigeria's President'" - Seun Kuti

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Image result for Fela would have been Nigeria’s President if he was alive – Seun Kuti

Son of late Afrobeat legend, Seun Kuti says his father would have been the President of Nigeria if he was still alive.

"'If Fela was Alive, He'd Be Nigeria's President'" - Seun Kuti

The Afrobeat singer made the statement while granting an interview on a TV show. He said that Fela was a Pan-Africanist Socialist who would not have supported the current crop of political leaders.

Still speaking about Fela’s legacy, Seun said that he would not tolerate people trying to bastardize the Afrobeat pioneer’s legacy.

He said people were selective of which Fela’s legacy the wanted to emulate especially like smoking weed and womanizing



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