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mpGISTS: Why We Choose To Wed In Dubai-2face Idibia speaks

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Yeah, its just couple of days after the idibias wedding ceremony and If you are probably still wondering why the Idibias
choose to wed in Dubai of all places then here's
Thank God! 2face finally Speaks:-
"I think there is this spiritual connection. We thought of
a perfect place for the white wedding and the idea of
Dubai came up. I don’t know about crowd control. We
just want to have the best of the moment and make
sure things go rightly. There is nothing more to it. It
does not have to do with controlling the people or
The fact is that you can’t run away from the people.
Anywhere you go, you will meet people and these
people have come to celebrate with us. Let’s just say
that we love Dubai and we also discovered that it was
a perfect venue for us. " 2face Idibia told Glitz in a
recent interview.
God save U!!!


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