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No Poor Man Must Get Close To me - Empress Njamah

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No Poor Man Must Get Close To me - Empress Njamah

Empress Njamah answered some questions in this new interview with Showbizplus, but then, it’s her interview. So enjoy the ones that concerns us here lol;

So you are saying you can settle for any man whether rich or poor

I’m not going to tell you what I want. But you get into an expensive shop to p!ck up something, because you can afford it, you see something you can afford then you buy it but if you cannot afford it, take a walk.  The goods are for someone that can afford it, that’s the best I can tell you. I will not settle for less my sister and that’s the truth. People come and tell you all sort of lies and want to praise themselves and say “I can marry a poor man” the poor man nor know wetin him see, abeg! I dey tell una say I am a real person, we all have been through tough times, we all have paid our dues one way or the other. So no poor man must get close to me. Those who know the worth, pay the dues.

What do you miss most about Timaya?

That’s a no-go question to answer. I don’t know why you want to take back the hands of the clock to five years ago.  Do you still remember things that happened five years ago? Well, let me ask my brother (John Njamah) to help me with the answers because I actually don’t know what to say.

But if you insist, Empress has missed nothing, absolutely nothing about Timaya


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