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Windows Phone is the fastest growing mobile OS in the world

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Windows Phone is the fastest growing mobile OS in the world

The Windows Phone is growing, and earlier this week that was backed up by some hard numbers. Nokia’s Lumia sales doubled in North America and reached all time highs worldwide. Operation Rolling Thunder is working for Nokia, and as a result the entire Windows Phone ecosystem is growing. How fast? Maybe the fastest.

The latest report from Strategy Analytics suggests that sales for Windows Phone devices are up 275% since this time last year. That’s…a big number. By doubling its market share in one year Windows Phone has become the worlds fastest growing mobile operating system. The momentum we’ve been feeling for the last year is finally being backed up by numbers.

It’s more than a feeling
So now what? What does this all mean for Windows aPhone? It means that more and more people are using Windows Phone devices, which means market share will grow and more developers will see them in the wild, which means more apps will come to the platform. It’s a chain reaction that has already begun bearing fruit. The future is bright for windows phone, Maybe


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