Gunman Drops 2 Individuals at Drake's OVO After Party


victim-stretcher-drake-twitter-3 Gunman Drops 2 Individuals at Drake's OVO After Party

"Two people have been confirmed dead while others have been left wounded after someone began shooting at Drake’s OVO Fest after-party in Toronto according to new reports by TMZ.

The incident apparently happened just after 3 AM on Tuesday as someone began shooting inside Muzik nightclub, where Drake was hosting the official after-party.

One person was shot dead inside the club while at least one gunman took it outside the club where more gunshots filled the air. By the end of the whole ordeal, a man and women died, and at least 3 others are hospitalized.

As expected, fans and the general public have already started pointing fingers at Meek Mill, and rumors are now flaring up that the shooting was by people from Meek Mill’s path.

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It’s still unclear if Drake was in the club when the shooting erupted."


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