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These 10 Powerful Forces Run the World

These 10 Powerful Forces Run the World |

The world is roughly divided into 199 nation states, each governed by its own people. You might be thinking that the interaction and the agreement between these countries is what drives the world forward. Sorry to burst your bubble but the world is actually being governed by 10 powerful forces that are running the world which could be quite shocking for someone who has naive views.

10. Cats

undomesticated cats
That might have come as a surprise especially if you were expecting the name of some organization with connections with the dark forces of the world! The reason why these feral creatures are amongst the 10 powerful forces that are running the world is because they have been responsible for the extinction of 33 species.

In America, undomesticated cats are considered one of the most dangerous predators in the continent. Feral cats actually domesticated on their own some 10,000 years ago. Cats live on every continent except Antarctica and their estimate global population is 600 million. Feral cats are those which are literally wild- born and brought up there and their estimated number in the world is expected to be 100 million with 12 million living in the U.S alone. Not only are the feral cats the number one reason for mammal deaths (especially rabbits) they are also the number one cause behind extinction of bird species.

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