10 Powerful World Leaders that Died Shameful Deaths (Images)

10 Powerful World that Died Shameful Deaths (Images) |

Powerful leaders that died shameful deaths: Over the course of history, nations have had many great and powerful rulers. Most of them died either gloriously in battle, or peacefully at home. In any case, their mighty legacy was left intact. However, there are a few cases when even the most powerful and seemingly intangible rulers went through total humiliation, be it in their lifetime or after their .

10. Bayezid I


Bayezid I bin Murad bin Orhan bin Osman
The Ottoman Empire has had its fair share of great rulers over time, especially in its early stages. Beside Mehmed the Conqueror or Suleiman the Magnificent, one truly remarkable sultan was Bayezid I, whose might and fervor earned him the nickname of “Thunderbolt” among his soldiers.

During his reign, he managed to unite much of the petty lordships of Anatolia under his grasp, extend Ottoman influence in the Balkans, defeat a Crusade and become painfully close to conquer Constantinople 50 years earlier than his descendant, Mehmed II, actually did. However, as his influence and power in Anatolia grew, he made more enemies, and at the turn of the 15th century, the Mongolian warlord Tamerlane spurred the Turkish lords of Anatolia to join him in his fight against the Ottoman Sultan. This new unfolding of events forced Bayezid to turn his attention away from Constantinople and fight Tamerlane in the East. Eventually, he got defeated in the Battle of Ankara and became a prisoner, just as Byzantine officials were on their way to hand him the keys of the city, as a symbol of Constantinople’s surrender.

Tamerlane then locked Bayezid up in a cage and had him paraded as a sign of his victory. Bayezid was held there until his death, a few months later. The invincible Thunderbolt, in a dark-humored twist of fate, went from becoming the greatest conqueror of his time to be Tamerlane’s “pet” and die a most inglorious death.


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