3 Simple Steps to Have the Best Org*sm of Your Life

Looking to make your bedroom experience pleasurable and one to remember? Then, here are three simple steps to have the best Org*sm of your life.


Personal trainer, Anna Kaiser reveals her secret on how to achieve a more intense Org*sm in three easy steps.

The fitness fanatic, who honed the bodies of Hollywood stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Sofia Vergara, created the quick training exercises to improve people’s S3x lives.

She explained how you can easily activate your pelvic floors – the muscles that helps women Org*sm – by sitting on a chair and squeezing together the muscles that you use when you’re trying to hold in your pee.

Anna, 42, said: “Your pelvic floor is a part of your core, and when the two are working in conjunction you can deepen the S3xual pleasure because you’re not working just one part of the core, you’re working the whole thing.”

Exercising these muscles isn’t just reserved for private time or the gym either, as Anna says you can do them anywhere.

“No one should know that you’re doing this. You can do this at work. You can do this at dinner with your in-laws,” she said.


To start increasing your pleasure, practice these three moves for one minute each:

1. Reach through

Lie on your back with knees raised 90 degrees and your hands on your forehead. Pull your belly button to your spine and lift your chest up off the ground, slightly opening your legs as you reach your arms through.

Slowly close your legs, back to your starting position and repeat.

2. Thigh dance

Start in an upright position with your knees on the ground, shoulders over your hips. Slowly lean back as you squeeze your glutes and abs.

Raise your arms and sit all the way down so your behind touches your heels. Quickly lift back up, leading with your hips and bringing your arms back down to your sides.

3. Pelvic Tilt

Start in a plank position with shoulders aligned over your wrists, thighs engaged and bottom tight. Slowly tuck your bottom under, tilting your pelvis up. Return to start.

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