5 Places You Shouldn’t Touch During S3x (Unless She Asks You To)

Date 2016-03-14


Cute Girl (Lisha)

“S3x, as intertwined as the bodies and souls could be during the act, requires certain tricks and knowledge. For the best maximization of pleasure, your partner needs to be fully involved. While great S3x has to do with lots of exploration, it would be better to know the dos and don’ts in order to avoid killing the tickly sensations.”

Also, your attitude during S3x speaks a volume about your personality. You should watch out for the signs she gives during the act to know if you are doing it right or probably just pounding away.

1. The Clit0ris

A woman’s Cl!t is no doubt filled with many nerve endings; this explains why touching a woman around there could make her have series of Org*sms without penetration. However, you should learn to deal gently when touching this spot. For an already aroused woman, constant stimulation of the Clit0ris may make the sensations so intense she may not be able to handle it. In cases like these, she could become fierce and opt out of the S3xual activity.

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