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5 Places You Shouldn’t Touch During S3x (Unless She Asks You To)

Cute Girl (Lisha)

2. Her cervix

It is usually painful to have you ramming your entire length down that way. The cervix connects the uterus to the Vag!na. Except you want the pleasure to stop abruptly, then avoid touching that part. You may want to lift yourself off her and try a different position; one which doesn’t give you as much depth as the one that touched her cervix.

Hitting the cervix during S3x replaces the pleasure with pain and depending on the pain threshold of the lady involved; she may push you off her in response. It would be easier to reach her cervix if she’s not S3xually aroused; the Vag!nal cavity is deeper when a woman is turned on. Take your time during the foreplay and drive her wild with pleasure.

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