6 Unfortunate Reasons S3x With You Doesn’t Freak Him

why“In Hollywood, marriage is depicted as a S3xless prison. Wives are cold shrews who would rather mop the floor than give a Bl0wj0b. It’s like the Vag!na dies after years of matrimony.”

Men, on the other hand, always want S3x — at least that’s what producers, writers and directors want us to believe. But, what about the guy who isn’t interested in a good bang? These men exist — and here’s a few reasons they may turn down S3x:

1. He’s not attracted to you.

If a man isn’t physically attracted to a woman, he won’t want to sleep with her. Surprised? Me too! I assumed men didn’t have standards when they felt H0rny. But according to Dave, 38, from Long Island, “a lack of physical and S3xual attraction can make it near impossible to get hard.” It’s just that simple.

2. Whisky D!ck

One exception to the “no attraction, no S3x” rule is alcohol. In a drunken haze, men will have S3x with just about any woman. But if a man is too drunk, his junk will work like an actual piece of junk.

According to Dr. Ashley Winter, resident physician in urology at New York Presbyterian Hospital, “alcohol affects the way the blood moves in and out of the penis.” In other words, if he’s plastered, he’ll be a Mr. Softie.

3. S3x is routine.

Men want a little bit of adventure in between the sheets. Something as simple as rocking a corset with red pumps or switching positions during S3x will get his engine running again. Si no, there may come a time where your man won’t be interested in S3x.

“A man can only take so much missionary and scheduled S3x,” said Tim, 35, from Boston.

4. He’s into someone else.

Ah, yes. A man might reject you S3xually because he’s having S3x with someone else. Plenty of men cheat.

According to The Normal Bar, an extensive survey on romantic relationships, 33 percent of men admitted to cheating in 2013. If they’re having S3x with someone else, they probably won’t want to have S3x with you.

5. The monotony of the same person.

Some people just can’t be monogamous. No matter how hard they try, they get bored with just the sight of their partner.

“Some men just want something new,” Rich, 30, from Florida explained. “A man can be with the most gorgeous girl, but she’s still not different.”

6. A climate change.

….and I’m not talking about El Niño. A man’s S3xual mood can change depending on the temperature. When the room is too hot, it can “thin out his blood,” Alex, 26, told us. Wait, what does that even mean?

“It’s like when taking a hot bath,” he said. “Most men can’t get hard afterward. Same thing goes for a hot and sticky room.” You learn something new every day.

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