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6 ways to know she is only using you for S3x

We are really tired of the society thinking it is only men who use women for S3x and dump them.

This thinking is more sentimental than factual; women are also guilty of this charge. Women know it is almost impossible finding a perfect man in this society of ours, thus, they keep different men and attach various uses to them.

Some men are kept for financial purposes, they have friends that could sort them emotionally and they also keep men who would satisfy them S3xually.


As a matter of fact, women nowadays date guys just to sleep with them. Some women merely go into a relationship just for S3x and they end up using the men.

Most women know that men are bound to act if they knew they were just using them for that; in view of this, they mislead them and make them feel it is a proper relationship. There are certain signs to watch out for if you want to know if your woman is using you for S3x or she is in that relationship for real.

Depending on your objectives too as a man, it could be a win-win relationship if all you both want is S3x and nothing more.

Find below some of the signs that say a woman is merely using you for S3x:

1. When she never says no

Something might be quite fishy if your woman does not ever object to you having S3x with her. It might be quite normal for her to have a heightened S3xual life but when she cannot hold it and she pulls down your trousers as soon as you see her, then you may start to reevaluate the affair. She may be dating you for the S3x only.

2. When she does not bother you about money

A real girlfriend expects you to show a little sense of responsibility towards her. As a man, you are expected to pay some of her bills in order to show her you care about her and her needs. But when a woman is not bothered about you not dropping money for her, she is probably getting the money somewhere and needs only the honey from you. The S3x might just be enough and since you are fulfilling her needs in that aspect, then it is fine.

3. When she only visits when she is H0rny

Getting that woman to visit you may seem impossible, but when she does you are sure you are getting it then she is basically in for the S3x. A woman who visits you and finds her way to the bed to help undress you is silently begging you for S3x. You can be sure she is S3x starved and she is sure you would never turn her down.

4. When she encourages you to get high
You would know a woman is basically using you for S3x when she visits you and expects you to get high for some reason best known to her. Alcohol is a form of aphrodisiac and she knows you would deliver beyond her expectations S3x-wise. Also when she encourages you to use some S3x enhancement pill then she is definitely in for the S3x.

5. When talking about the future does not appeal to her

A woman who basically wants S3x from you would go mum when you start talking about the future and things you could do together. Making plans towards the future would always make her become moody. But when she is active as soon as you start fondling her, then you would know that is the most important thing to her.

6. When she visits you after being married to someone else

When a woman visits you after being married and still wants to get down with you, then you would get the confirmation that she has been using you for S3x even before she got married. If you are down with the whole thing, you may still be able to have S3x with her and it would become a ritual. You will know then that the only commitment she has towards you is S3x.


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