6 ways to know you are long overdue for marriage

There is the need to do things that could be described as age appropriate. Marriage is one of the most important things in life; it is essential for one to make plans towards this phase of life and do it at the right time.


Although many people prefer to have certain achievements recorded in their names before plunging into marriage, it is still something that needs to be done.


At some point, marriage becomes a topic that is burdensome to most people especially if they have gone past the age they ought to get married.

There are certain signs that say it is time to get married, when you start seeing these signs, then it is an indication that you should make your decision and do something about it fast. Below are the signs that say it is high time you got married:

1. When you keep catching the bride’s bouquet

You have probably attended scores of wedding ceremonies where you keep catching the bouquet. You now have enough bouquets in your house that one could easily mistake it for a flower shop. Remember that catching a bouquet means you would be the next bride. This is a big sign you need to get married.


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