7 Things Ladies Can Do To Drive Men Crazy During S£x

couple“Have you had problems getting your partner hard? Or is your sexual life conservative and you’re looking for ways to spice it up?”

Look no further as we bring to you things that you can do as a woman that is guaranteed to drive your man wild and crazy in bed. Sexual satisfaction is important for the sustenance and growth of relationships and a good way to ensure this is by knowing those things that we men crave for.
Even though sexual tastes and wants differs, there are certain things that hold true universally. These things are what every man craves for from his woman. It is our hope that after reading this article, the knowledge therein would help to bolster and improve relations in your sexual life.


Well, if you want to drive any guy crazy, this is the first rule in the book. Men are naturally attracted to the things they see and once you do this, your spouse would instantly feast his eyes on your body and make a move for it within seconds of looking. Getting naked before he does is a sure way of triggering his libido and crave for the curves you have without the hindrance of clothing.


Men have reported the intensity they feel when blindfolded during sexual intercourse. The chances your man has experienced such is low and as such it is a good idea for you to try blind folding him while you make out. Treat him to the sensual and erotic wonders that comes with complete darkness.


A good way to boss him around in bed is to tell him the things you want through Morse codes as opposed to verbally saying them. This is bound to turn him on especially if he’s the type that has previously been used to being in control. Point him in the right directions and he will be happy for it.



If you find out that he’s acting in a squeamish way, get some loose scarfs, ties or shirt ant tie his hands to the bed post. Men go crazy for women that are flirty and controlling in bed and tying him up is bound to make him enjoy the pleasures of the moment more. Tying him up and blindfolding him in bed builds trust and tells you how much you both love each other.


This is a major turn on for me. Find those dirty and sensual words and purr as you say them. Try breathing heavily into his ears as you say those words and when the action is on, try out some moans, screams and shouts as you make out. This will help in raising the ante of the eroticism present and is bound to drive him wild.


Before burning you name into his skin, work your way all through his body and make him want to grab you. Smile sexily while you do this and watch him crave for more. Burning your name in his skin is actually self explanatory but if you are wondering how to go about it, let your man feel the intensity of your orgasm by clutching your nails into his skin. Hold him tight as you climax and this is bound to make him feel the intensity of the moment and how much you are into him.


it is a good idea to have a back up plan in case every other thing fails. This plan is pretty much simple and it involves grabbing his penis and putting it straight into your vagina. This might sound strange but research studies have found it to work. Some studies concluded that men find direct contact on their penis to be pleasurable than between their penis and the female vagina even more so as it is their favorite spot to snuggle up.

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