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8 Important Things Ladies Should Know About Men

8 Important Things Ladies Should Know About Men |

At times men seem like a species apart, full of secrets and ways of acting that women do not understand no matter how hard they try …

If you strive to interpret your guy and you do not succeed, you’d better consider these decisive things about men.

1.Men communicate through actions rather than words:

Men intuitively know that words are important to women, some try to use them and sometimes things do not go well. What they use best are actions that speak for themselves, your man may not tell you that he loves you forever or that for you, he would give you up to his own life, but he will surely prove it to you in some other way.
2.Men want to make you happy, but they do not know how:

Your guy probably wants to give you everything to make you happy, but has no idea how to do it. Definitely, men are not like women, they can not intuit or deduce what you want, therefore, you must tell! The trick is to tell him what you need in an encouraging way, without threatening or demanding.

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