A Short Note to Bloggers: Read What you Post, Dont Just Post Stories cos They’re Viral, Blasphemy is a Sin” by Akonedo Jefak

I want to make this as short as possible…

Onblogging & Writing, Peeps that host sites with 4k are coming forward to call themselves bloggers..
I won’t say anything about that, for me, I am not a blogger (cause I fix my table/chair at home doesn’t make me a carpenter)…

You’re a blogger right?? What’s the Niche of your Blog?? Entertainment rai?? And not Stupidity rai?? yeah I get

Most Bloggers are out there for traffic, Must you get it at the expense of another persons peace of mind??? Put your self in their shoes, would you love it??

Back to the Issue of the Hostel Collapse in the Synagogue, Abeg If na your papa don see the cause of the collapse, make him come forward with proof….
Bloggers & Canal minds say its cause 4 more floors were added to a 2 floored Building…

Did you ever stopped to ask yourself something?? How long has the building stayed?? What kind of foundation was made?? Did the Bodies involved Prepare for even a 8 storied building?? How many buildings exist in the Synagogue with how many floors?? How long they have been without glitches?? How many people are accommodated??

Now, ask yourself how foolish you are….
Have you forgotten the book of luke??? Or did your pastor teach you to condemn??

Back to blasphemy »» why don’t you leave vengeance for God…??

You say you were in the church buh you got little or no attention, Abeg did you write or call the church to tell them you’d be coming?? And did the church tell you it was alright to come??

The so called presenter/journalist that has been ranting all about, check his life….
How well is he?? How much achievement has he?? Is he a christian?? And has he said anything related to christianity??? Is he self righteous and fame seeking?? The Audio he released, why wasn’t it released immediately?? Why did he wait??
If TBJ was his uncle, would he deem it fit to insult him??

Don’t just post, think first, read too, your visitors spread news you share..

Don’t be a Copy & post mo’fcker..

– Jefak

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