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Best Date Movies To Watch with a Girl

If You Love and Would Love to Have Fun Time, Keep, Win A Girl, Then Here are Best Date Movies To Watch with a Girl | 

Let’s say you are with a girl at home, you like each other, but you both experience some shyness. In this case, an excellent option is to watch some movie together. Which one? Let’s figure it out. To begin with, set aside vulgarity and rudeness. Let’s suppose your girlfriend is intelligent, modest, beautiful, and erudite. Forget about stupid vulgar films. They will not tune in to romantic mood, but on the contrary – push a girl away. Remember one thing: the movie you choose will characterize you as a person and show single ladies your interests and intellect. That is why the issue of what kind of film to watch with a girl is very important and should be approached carefully.


The main mistake in choosing a movie will be the choice of a heavy drama, which can be more likely classified as “What movie to see to cry?”, where after a happy dramatic story full of tenderness and feelings, a viewer is disappointed and becomes bitterly sad. At the end of such a film, a girl, as a being more emotional than a man, will be very upset. In this case, it will definitely not be up to you. Remember this. And if you are going to watch “Hatiko”, “Titanic” or other similar films with a heavy end, then don’t wonder why everything goes not as you want.


When choosing a comedy to watch with a girl, you should also be attentive. Attention should be paid first of all to its MPAA rating so that the comedy suddenly doesn’t turn out to be an adult film with a rating of 18+, overflowing with stupid jokes, obscene language, a lot of obscenities, drugs, murders, and other “dirt”. As a rule, there are not so many such dirty comedies, but still, it is better to check in advance the humor of a particular film. In addition, there are many comedies that don’t carry a big semantic load and are suitable for pastime. Such comedies are released stably every two months and you can watch something new quite often.


You can also watch some horror movie with a girl. And it is even necessary. They say that horror and fear strengthen the sex drive. It’s difficult to answer whether it is so or not, but the fact that horrors are interesting is indisputable. Generally speaking, when choosing a genre of horror, ask her if she wants to watch such films. It may be that a girl doesn’t like this genre at all. And no matter how interesting the horror film is, she will not get the pleasure of watching it.


Thrillers, like horror movies, can be called frightening. There is not less blood, murders, and frank scenes in thrillers, but there lies the secret, detective, and mystery. The choice of a film for watching with a girl should fall on this genre if she is not afraid of terrible secrets and deadly dangers. Thriller is a genre that doesn’t have clear boundaries. Any thriller creates a feeling of intense emotion and excitement. Often, thrillers are associated with detectives, where the fundamental part of the plot becomes a crime. Consider this when choosing a movie to watch with a girl.


The most win-win option is to watch an adventure with a girl. Most girls and women like adventure movies. This unique genre of modern cinema, according to many, was “discovered” in 1981 by director Steven Spielberg with the film “Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark”. In adventure films, attention is focused not on the use of force and violence against heroes of a film, but on the ingenuity of heroes and travel. In adventure films, heroes often have to find an extraordinary way out of difficult situations.


The largest selection of films that you can watch with a girl has melodramas. What else does she need to feel happy? A good, bright, kind movie about love with the happy end. If you divide genres into masculine and feminine, then the single answer for men will be an action movie, and for women – a melodrama. Melodrama is a genre of cinema (and not only) that reveals the spiritual and sensual world of heroes in bright emotional circumstances on the basis of well-known contrasts: good and evil, love and hate, joy and sorrow. However, very few people will be interested in melodramas, which appear on the screens of cinemas with an enviable regularity. But some films will be interesting to both a man and a woman.

TV series

Watching TV series with a girl in the first days of dating can have two sides of the coin. On the one hand, it seems a little stupid to start watching any series, knowing that it is almost impossible to watch all the series in one evening. But, on the other hand, it can help a lady understand the seriousness of your intentions. Today TV series has ceased to be a Mexican soap opera, created to fill the prime time on TV and free time of housewives. Nowadays it is an interesting multi-series film, each series of which viewers expect with impatience.

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