Can BlackBerry Edge out Samsung with the Priv?

New functionality leaked for curved sides


The BlackBerry Priv – the firm’s first Android smartphone – looks like it’s showing Samsung and Apple how it’s done.

It seems that the new BlackBerry Priv smartphone could show the world how curved edges on a smartphone will actually be useful, rather than mostly for show on the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+.

A ‘leaked simulator‘ from Canadian network Telus has shown that the dual-edge curved display of the Priv will be for more than just fancy looks – it’ll come with extra tricks that will enhance productivity.

The first one is the battery charging meter – and OK, that’s not really about being productive. But it looks cool and does use the extra screen real estate for something else rather than just an extension of what’s on the display.

Hold me closer, tiny dancer

If you’re browsing around the web or having a chat with a business colleague, BlackBerry has taken the essence of the Hub from BlackBerry 10 (where you’d swipe from the left to open your messaging centre) and using that motion to open a Notes app.

It’s not going to be useful to most people, and many people will probably get more use out of the ability to put favourite apps on there. Then again, we had the same trick on the Galaxy Edge, and our review proved that this wasn’t an oft-used (or remembered) feature.

There’s something a little Apple-esque about the Priv as well – swiping up on an app will open any associated widgets, in a similar vein to the ability to press the display on the iPhone 6S and get a 3D-Touch-enabled pop up.

It’s odd to think it, but BlackBerry might have finally got an intuitive and smart handset in the works that the average consumer would like to be toting – been a while since that notion’s been bandied about, but it’s great to see.

Release Date: Nov8 – 2015

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