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Checkout these 7 Things that are Better than S*x

If you had always thought that s*x in completely incomparable with any other thing on earth, you need to check these things out.


Sometimes, life is definitely not always about big things but also the little things. There are surely things more gratifying than s*x. And although some of you may be screaming “No Waaaay!!!”, you may change your mind after reading these things:

1. “Don’t worry, it’s already been paid for”:

Anyone no matter how rich they are, would definitely smile inside when they hear the words. Nigerian girls are mostly guilty of this. It feels like the whole world just suddenly stopped to honour you.

2. Clean bed sheets:

Getting into your bed and sleeping in freshly laundered sheets. Even though you might be sleeping alone, nothing feels better than that clean and cozy feel, the sheets hugs with.

3. Checking your bank account and being able to count six figures:

Because in Nigeria, most people only just withdraw from their bank account and hardly ever deposit (blame the economy…LOL), when you are finally able to hit six figures after much saving and you suddenly get an alert, the feeling is too good to put in words.

4. Not having to set an alarm clock because it is weekend or a public holiday:

Nigerians love holidays, that’s a fact. In fact, many foreigners would probably wonder why we have so much holidays. Holidays means no work for an average 9-5 worker and if you live in Lagos, you treasure it a bit more than anyone else in any other part of Nigeria.

5. Taking off your work boots or heels and slipping on a pair of bathroom slipper after a really long day:

because you are oblige to wear them at work, no matter how uncomfortable you get during the day. Sometimes you can’t take them off but imagine getting home and slipping into your ever welcoming bathroom slippers??? How’s that???

6. Peeing after a long time:

Luxuriously releasing a full stream pee you’ve been holding in for a very long time, so long you thought you might actually piss your pants, embarrassing yourself in front of all.

7. Sharwama:

The first bite of a sharwama, especially when you haven’t had one in a really long time. Especially if it is free or the first sip of a very cold drink after being under the sun for a very long time.

Do you agree with these?

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