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Funny!!! Read Psalm 23 Written in Pidgin

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Funny Read Psalm 23 in PidginJust found this on Umehwrites and it really cracked me up so i decided to let you guys enjoy the pidgin version to the Holy Bible’s Psalm 23…..

Da lord bi ma shepherd, I go lack nothing.
E make I tanda for where beta tins yakpa,  E carry me walka for coolele water.

E give my soul yori yori, den lead me for righteous way top, sake of En name.

If I stagger pass the valley where death in shadow dey , I go fear notin, Edey my body, E use bulala take make me maintain.

E prepare beta Chau nyafu nyafu put ma table top make I chop wey all my enemies dey observe.  E pour oil for my head , my cup full sote e come dey throway.

No shaking, beta life go dey ma back, and baba God go still do me beta even when I Jones all ma lyf, wey I go dey God en house,  titi Lai Lai, titi Lai Lai. Amin!


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