“Inspiration Before 2017” – by Akonedo Jeffrey (@Jefak007)

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​The mentality of virtually every Nigerian is: new year new me,  new year this and that,  next year I won’t do this and next year that that that……. 
I’d like to tell you something,  if your previous year’s battle wasn’t fought well,  then the new year is already hanging in balance……
You cannot do certain things over night,  what have you put in place to make the new year better?  
Don’t forget life is warfare, work in your youth and enjoy when old….. Some rules are not meant to be broken, you have to follow them precisely… 
What makes today different from tomorrow? 

The steps we take today are the foundation for tomorrow.. 
You cannot plant corn and find beans growing,  it never happens… 

Pray,  Think,  Plan..  Work,  Work,  Work…. 
There is always light at the end of the tunnel..  Unless you have wasted too much time and its night,  then you have to wait for day,  but light must surely come…. 
If you can read,  read well now and start doing something,  no dream is too big,  you have to start somewhere and believe….

Good Evening,  I remain Akonedo Jeffrey (Jefak)  and I wish you all a merry and fulfilling 2017….. God bless you. 

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