#IYAC2017 Day 4 – Youth Alive Convention 2017 (Evening Session)

#IYAC2017 Day 4 - Youth Alive Convention 2017 (Evening Session)

# Day 4 – Full Message Transcript (Evening Session) |

Teaching by Bishop David Abioye
Topic: Gateways to your Enthronement

One word took Joseph from the prison to the palace.

In declaring Gods word you need to be confident because your circumstance is different from Gods divine plan..

God is not an abrupt God, He’s a methodological God.
God makes known His ways – Psalm 103:7
GODS ways are discoverable and teachable. – once you know the way, you have no problem manifesting the power and teaching the act.


“Engaging the Power of the Holy spirit for Your Enthronement” – Ezekiel 2:2

Enthronement has always been Gods plan for man – There is no time God intended anything less than Enthronement for man – Genesis 1:26-28.

Anytime you Read ‘Blessed’ in the scriptures, it means empowered – God does not only speak His words, He Powers His words for Manifestation in Our Lives.
Deuteronomy 28:13, Deuteronomy 15:6.

By Prophecy, Creation, Covenant You are to Rule.
Psalm 110:1-3, Isaiah 2:1-2.

Mathew 5:13-14, Revelation 5:10, Luke 22:28-30.

No king ever locates His throne or rules without the power of the Holy Ghost.

Without Power, you will find a man wandering in life. It takes power to locate your throne, to assume and retain the throne, and to enjoy the throne.

From a to z of your life you need empowerment, to locate, assume, enjoy and to endure on the throne.

1 Samuel 10:3, 1 Samuel 16:13-23, 2 Samuel 5:3.
When the power of God takes you somewhere, it Keeps You there and Make you enjoy thing there. Psalm 89:20.
1 Samuel 16:19 – When God’s power puts you on the throne, there is no reason to struggle for the throne. – 1 kings 19:15-16.

There is no king that is ever enthroned without empowerment


Difference between the Person of the Holy Spirit, and the Power of the Holy Ghost….


1. We relate with the Person of the Holy Spirit but we are Enabled by the Power of the Holy Ghost – Mat 3:11&12
Zechariah 4:2-6 – No matter how bright a man’s vision is, without the power of the Holy Ghost, He cannot get there.
– Going out without power is a risk – Luke 4:17.
– power moves you to manifestation.
– David didn’t look like it but He was empowered.


What is the Holy Ghost Power?
Holy Ghost Power is:-
1. The Anointing – Luke 4:17-19.
2. Auction to Function – Acts 10:38.
3. Divine enabling – an enabling that cannot be found amongst men. If you are doing what others can do, then the Holy Ghost is not Yet residing in You.
(In Science power means Ability to Do)

4. Engracement – Luke 4:22. Holy Ghost Power makes you live a graceful live, filled with excellence.
– When Grace comes upon you, it erases your errors and colours your Efforts. – Grace blinds people from seeing your errors..

We are not error free, we are just simply covered by Grace.

There are Levels of Empowerment
1. Baptism – Acts 1:8, Acts 2:2 – Baptism simply means infilling. – First encounter –
Evidence of: praying in tongues, the Joy of the Lord, the water of Life.
2. Refilling – Acts 4:19-31. – Second encounter will Lead you to Boldness.
3. The Anointing – Has no Graduation, it is continuous and a growing experience. (reign of the fire of the Holy Ghost) Zechariah 10:1.

There are levels to anointing.
– To change class of ruler ship, you must change level of empowerment. Luke 3:21, Luke 4, Luke 9.
John 18:6-8.

4. Importation, you can seek baptism, refilling, anointing but the Importation is what you receive from high levels – meeting with ordained servants of God over you.
– anointing oil, laying of hands, prophetic mantle..


How do you access Empowerment ?

1. The journey to empowerment begins with your Heart.
The heart of a man is the passage of God for your life.
– 1 Samuel 10:9-10 – Your heart determines your fortune
and giftings – Acts 8:20-21 – Put Your Heart Right
– New Birth – Being Born Again. John 1:12

2. Thirst – Hunger, aspiration, perspiration, desperation for God. – Mathew 5:6, Isaiah 44:3-4. Psalm 61:3
Isaiah 55:1, John 7:37-38 – Don’t bother yourself coming for God if you are not Thirsty for God
Psalm 84:1-2. Psalm 132:1. Psalm 41:1, Psalm 42:1

3. you must engage in heart felt prayer in seeking after God, Luke 3:21. Mathew 7:7, Isaiah 41:17,
Mathew 17:21.

4. The Word of God – You feed yourself with word, you feed yourself with power – Hebrews 4:12, Ezekiel 2:2

5. You must Praise – Ephesians 5:18-20 – Thanksgivers are always empowered. The more thankful you are the more empowered you become.


How do I become empowered.. ?
1. Develop a walk with God.
Those who work with God don’t beg for power.
Who you work with determines what works for you.
Focus on God not on Power.

2. You must live a life of Purity – to preserve the throne you must protect the oil.
If you toll with sin to day, sin will turn you into a toy tomorrow. Psalm 51:11

3. Keep company with your Prophet – direct contact, listening to messages, reading of books……



Bishop David Oyedepo
Every one genuinely dedicated to serving God never runs dry – Luke 10:19
God is committed to keep empowering servants.
As you enhance the quality of your service, God enhances your empowerment.
God will not empower you to serve the devil, God will only bless those that are Going to Serve Him.



Day Four, Evening Session (4/8/2017)
As Transcribed by
Akonedo Jeffrey
ICT Unit Leader, @Yafuwasota, Edo State


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