Ladies! Know These 5 Things Men Find Super S*xy in Women

Men are always on the watch out for a woman who can make them gape in wonder at their S3xiness. These are some of the things they look out for.


Besides svelte body and cooking skills, there are many things that a man secretly admires in a woman. We demystify these traits that he finds superbly s*xy, no second thoughts here!

1. Woman who can handle her drink:

You may never realize this but your man admires the way you don’t become a damsel in mess after gulping down those few shots of vodka. A man instantly falls for your charm when you can stand straight even after a few drinks. That’s a brownie point already in your kitty.

2. Confident in her skin:

Trust us ladies when we say that we do battle with image issues and fat shaming every now and then. But if you are absolutely comfortable in your skin and can even laugh at your idiocy, then your man will never leave you. After all who will like to live with someone who’s constantly prodding about her looks and ‘weighty’ issues.


3. No makeup:

While few women feel Nak3d in public without make-up, there are many women who can walk out in the open without make-up and with elan. And guess what! Men love when a woman can walk out in public without any make-up and still look drop dead gorgeous by letting her inner glow shine.

4. When they talk about their goals:

No matter whether her goal is to build her own empire or eradicate poverty, a man will listen to her intently while his girl is talking about her future plans. It drives him crazy to see that you are passionate about your goals.

5. When you fit in their clothes:

Yes, they love it when in the morning they see you in their shirt which falls like an oversized blouse on you. Not only they find you S3xy but absolutely adorable.

– The Times of India

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