Ladies, See 4 Reasons Why You Should Give That Nerd A Shot

If you haven’t already, you must. Take our word on this one.

Geeky men are the best kept secret in the dating world.

We are well aware some of you have probably avoided the affections of nerdy men as if each were infected with asymptomatic leprosy. Instead, you likely make a beeline for the David Beckham doppelgänger who hasn’t looked in your direction once. You (may) also then accept consistent slipshod behavior from this too-good-to-be-true heaven sent Alpha Male because he’s just so perfect.

Listen ladies, your fantasy of dating the captain of the football team is a musty, outdated delusion leftover from high school. The hidden band camp geek in all of us wants to sit with the cool kids and go to prom with whomever was voted “Best Looking”.

But there’s no room for any of this in the real world. The real world is far, far too cruel to subconsciously seek out all the situations that made you miserable as a 16 year old. Time to grow up and realize the soft-spoken, slightly disheveled, not overly hip guy seated in the corner over there, might actually make a much, much better boyfriend. And here are the reasons why you should consider dating them.

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