“Open Letter to Reminisce” – @nerdy__geek [Article]

Reminisce“First of all, I want to congratulate you for being an headliner at the recent Etisalat concerts and especially on your Samsung deal as it makes me feel happy to always use it as a reference of you been recognized.

I have been actually forced to write this as I am a die-hard fan of yours. I checked the 2014 Headies Awards’ nominees list and found out that you only have one nomination in the best rap album of the year category, which I’m expecting you to win. Well, maybe I’m been sentimental but actually you deserve it. This makes me sad actually as I feel you should have like 5 nominations at least, too much? I don’t think so. At the NEA awards where you had three nominations, I voted for you but I was pained and disappointed as you didn’t win any.

The nominations and awards are my only basis to argue with people about how good you are but they are not forthcoming, perhaps, not enough as I’m expecting them to be. However, I thank God for the Time Magazine recognition. It helps.

Well, the reasons I think these nominations and awards are not coming are:

Firstly, maybe you’re not being lucky enough as we can see the talent in you but recognition are not coming as they should be.

Secondly, the low budget videos you’ve been shooting. We know you’ve been trying to save money to finish your mansion at Ikorodu and to take care of your family, especially your daughters. At the same time, anything worth doing is worth doing well as the saying goes. Your video is your work; you should try to put more efforts in making them worth watching. While I don’t mean to bring back old wounds as I know you’ve reconciled with vector but he talked about it in the diss song he did for you with AQ. ‘distraction’. Please improve on this.

Thirdly, you need good management to promote your songs well, they should disturb the social networks for you, it has been so obvious you are dead on social media. People should always hear about you.

Finally, we need more of the street anthem songs. Since the release of ‘kako bi ch!cken’ the street has been clamouring for new hit songs with anthems. We know it’s in you as the recently released ‘Tesojue’ depicted, but we need more of it.

Though I’m not a music critic, but as you are one of my favourite artistes, I hope you take one or two of these few advises. I want to see you soar like an eagle in the music industry.”

Thank you


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