Revealed: How Long a Normal Man Should Last in Bed

Researchers have revealed how long a normal man should last in bed as they also provide working s*x positions to help you get there.


Whether you can only last for a few seconds or keep going all night, you’ve probably wondered what’s a “normal” amount of time to spend in the sack.

While research shows that ladies would like romps to last 23 minutes, according to a study published in the Journal of S3xual Medicine the average guy blows his load after just three minutes and 45 seconds.

To put the stat to the test, we did our own survey to find out how long Daily Star readers last during a typical romp.

We asked average guys to honestly reveal if they usually last longer than three minutes and 45 seconds or not.


And a massive 8,369 men took part in our poll with some surprising results.

More than half (56%) of our readers answered no, admitting that they do not last longer than three minutes and 45 seconds in the bedroom.

But 44% were confident that they can keep going for longer than this.

Finishing too quickly – or premature Ejaculetion (PE) – can be an all too common problem thought to affect about 30% of guys.

If you want to prolong the experience you can try spicing up your S3x life with some new S3x positions that can help you last longer in bed naturally.

It’s common for women to take longer to reach Org*sm than men, so delaying your climax with some strategic positions could boost your S3x life and her enjoyment.

But before you begin make sure to indulge in plenty of foreplay because it’ll help loosen you both up, meaning you’ll be less nervous when it comes to the actual act.


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